Cataract Surgery - Latest Techniques

Eye Physicians and Surgeons offers the latest technology in new intraocular lenses. A new generation of intraocular lenses that offer reading and distance vision are now available. These function somewhat like a normal bifocal that people would have in their glasses. Through new optical design, these lenses will focus both distance and reading light rays. These lenses work best in people who do not have thick glasses prior to their cataract surgery, have low levels of astigmatism, and need both of their cataracts out within a short period of time, usually weeks or months. Unfortunately, these lenses are not entirely covered by most insurance plans, and results in an out of pocket expense to the patient. Studies show approximately 3/4 of the patients that receive these implants do not ever wear glasses, with another percentage of patients only wearing glasses on a part time basis. In general these lenses are an option for approximately 10-15% of the patients that are considering cataract surgery, since many patients do not fit the criteria as described above. At Eye Physicians and Surgeons, we are happy to discuss this latest technology intraocular lens with our patients to see if this would be a benefit to them.

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